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Ski/Snowboard Mountaineering Photos

March 29, 2011

Here’s some photos from recent mountain adventures…good conditions lately and April is looking nice.



Snowboarders attack the Sawtooths

March 28, 2011

Last week I had the pleasure of joining 6 talented snowboarders to the Williams Peak Hut.  The roster included long time pro Mike Basich, Deeper athlete Josh Dirksen, Smith team manager & photographer Cory Smith, 2 local talents Spencer Cordavano and Pat Lee (powexplorer), and photographer Mark Welsh.  We covered the two main Basins, and nailed a number of the classics in very nice snow.  They were psyched to check out what the Sawtooths have to offer, including not only the big classic lines, but the mini golf terrain as well, which are often overshadowed by the larger lines.

Running around the mountains with a group entirely made of snowboarders (2nd group this year) is just another sign that backcountry snowboarding is really taking off.  Good times “shredding”, hut lounging, classic snowboard booting, cliff hucking, a little split-skiing, and cruising around in good snow.  Look for a story sometime next year in Frequency Snowboard Magazine.  Thanks to Smith and Frequency.


Springtime Skiing

March 14, 2011

As March has rolled around terrain up high is looking nice and filled in.  Before the last round of storms we were able to get up high and ski a few lines before the wind and new snow kicked back in.  The weather pattern recently has been very spring like, with many small storms and warm unsettled weather, the snow is slowly but surely piling up.  All settled out and done, the Sawtooths are a meter deeper since mid-February.  Recent ski mountaineering activities are getting us psyched for the upcoming ski mountaineering courses at the end of April, as well as a few custom trips.  Here’s a couple shots from recent ski adventures in the backyard.


Out and About

March 4, 2011

Although we’ve been pretty busy in January and February, we have managed to get out and explore the mountains on our free time.  Now March is already here and we’re starting to get psyched for the ski mountaineering camps.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story….Jan – early Feb 2011.

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