Spring Ski Mountaineering (AKA Chute School) in the Sawtooths


Sawtooth Mountain Guides put on its ever popular spring ski mountaineering courses (AKA Chute School) over 8 days the last two weeks of April at the Williams Peak Hut.  Both courses involved technical training and immersion in the use of ice axes, ropes,  anchors, belay and rappel techniques,  and safe alpine travel.  The courses were led by SMG co-owner and IFMGA guide Erik Leidecker and working with him SMG guides Marc Hanselman, Mike Hatch, and Clark Corey.  Participants of the first course enjoyed a classic Sawtooth corn cycle and carved turns down some of the Sawtooth stellar south faces like Williams Peak and Peak 10084′.  The second course got a taste of February-like weather at the end of April with a foot and a half of new snow to freshen things up!  The coulior skiing was incredible and the ropes, harnesses, axes, and mountaineering skill set came in handy for all the numerous objectives beckoning from the hut.  Thanks to all the participants who came from all over the country for a great couple of courses and to all those who joined us for an awesome winter ski season in the Sawtooths.  Thanks for making it one of SMG’s most successful seasons ever and we look forward to carving that tantalizing white stuff again with you next winter.  Cheers, Mike Hatch            P.S.  The skiing is still real good up here!

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One Response to “Spring Ski Mountaineering (AKA Chute School) in the Sawtooths”

  1. Mike Says:

    Nice work Hatch – see you guys next year. Mike

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