Neil Bradshaw Spring Hut Trip 4/15-18/2010


Neil Bradshaw put together a great group of guys from the Wood River Valley to come and partake of the fine spring ski conditions at the Williams Peak Hut.  The weather was gorgeous and the camaraderie was fantastic.  Whit Atkinson, George Kirk, Brent Estep, Mike Pogue, Per Lindfors, Tom Shepard, Pete Stommel, and Neil Bradshaw got to climb and ski some great lines in the Sawtooths and hone their ski mountaineering skills.  The crew climbed and skied a number of classic lines like: Big Fatty, Peak 10084′, Thompson Peak, Mickey’s Spire, and Carter Peak.  Pete Stommel commented that he appreciated SMG’s Kirk Bachman, Mike Hatch, and Trei Cook  for “helping this neophyte backcountry skier in his “Baptism by fire” and his first time using skins on skis.”  George Kirk while on Skier’s Summit looking over to the line he skied off  Peak 10084′ commented, ” Looking at that line before yesterday I’d say there would be no way in hell I’d ski something like that.”  All the guys rallied and made some really nice signature turns above the hut.  Thanks gentlemen and we’ll see ya again next April.  Cheers, Hatch

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