Erik Boe and Gang Get the Goods!


Last weekend Kirk and I had the fine pleasure of guiding Erik Boe and five friends for 4 days up at the Williams Peak Hut in the Sawtooths.  The first day was classic April showers with 5″ of new and strong winds.  We managed to find some exceptional “dust on crust” off the Skier’s Summit.  It was all smiles at the bottom.  On day two the weather popped and we had a fantastic day climbing peak 10084′, and skiing Big Fatty under epic powder conditions!  Under clear skies on day three we toured into the Profile drainage for some great ski mountaineering and part of the group continued up and over into Goat Creek and climbed and skied good ol’ Jimmy Dean Carter Peak while the other group tantalized their taste buds on a couple stellar couloirs.  Trent and Aaron feasted on the savory “What’s Up Doc” and the biggest morsel of them all – Jesus!  The skiing conditions on shady north were awesome with 2-3′ of stable fresh pow.  Day four brought us back on top of Skier’s Summit for one last steep north-facing drop down to Marshall Lake.  Aaron thought this line held some of the best snow of the trip.  Good times were had by all and the crew (Erik, Joel, Dave, Aaron, Trent, and Mark) were a blast to hang out with.  Thanks to Trei for the righteous food and we hope to see this gang again next year.  There is still room on our April 29-May 2 Ski Mountaineering Course. Cheers, Hatch


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4 Responses to “Erik Boe and Gang Get the Goods!”

  1. Erik 'Raji' Boe Says:

    Kirk/Hatch/Trei –

    THANK YOU for a ridiculously epic trip to Williams. Knowbody gets r dun like the boys from SMG.

    Oh yeah, still looking for a name for Sunday’s coolie? How about ‘Butter Boy’ ? In honor of Aaron representing 2-2 in Wyoming !

    See you nexy yr, actually, probably this summer for more fun!


    • wild1hatch Says:

      Hi Erik, not a bad name suggestion. What’s the story behind “Butter Boy”? Had a great trip with Neil and friends. The snow wasn’t quite as good as your trip, but we did get to ski some really nice corn. Hope your presentation went well and anytime you want to come out to the ranch and take pictures let me know. The Sandhill Cranes are everywhere and the snow is melting fast. Cheers, Hatch

  2. Erik Boe Says:

    Good morning Hatch – glad to hear you had another good weekend. Neil was pumped to ad ‘big fatty’ to his quiver!

    ‘Butter Boy’ for his ‘recipes’ concocted in the yurt that one night. Never seen a grown man eat dinner with his eyes closed 🙂

    How do I get ahold of you? Thanks!

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