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Yep, the Sawtooths are skiing good…

February 13, 2010

Although Idaho and a good part of the NW is suffering from a marginal snow year, the Sawtooths continue to hold true to its reputation of having a deeper snowpack.  Even if things are looking thin in the Ketchum area, we’re seeing average depths of 4-6 feet, with even 9 feet up high!  The skiing continues to be off the hook…here’s a couple photos…

(photo credits: Marc Hanselman, Trei Cook & Clark Corey)

SMG guides have been skiing everyday for 2 weeks straight, and the ski bender included Mike Hatch, Clark and Trei with tour parters Kirk, Marc Hansleman and Brad Hatch from Greenwoods.  We’ve covered everything from Copper Mountain to secret stashes in the Sawtooths, and the classic runs at the Williams Peak Yurt.  Hanselman & Clark guided a group based out of the Sawtooth Hotel, and got some great powder stashes in the Banner Summit area.  During a brief period of good stability, the chute patrol even made an appearance, and got to venture into some higher exciting terrain.

Come up and join us.



Sawtooth Hotel Skiing – Spending a weekend exploring the Sawtooths

February 1, 2010

In January Marc Hanselman and a group from Ketchum came up to spend a weekend in Stanley at the Sawtooth Hotel. After a breakfast at the hotel, the group grabbed their lunches to-go from the kitchen, and spent a day touring in the headwaters of the legendary Salmon River. Even with a casual start over a good breakfast and coffee, they managed to get in 2500ft of powder skiing and be done by mid afternoon. The summit boasted a view of 6 different mountain ranges (including Borah the highest peak in Idaho) and untouched glade skiing.  Keep in mind that there are many areas to explore in the Banner Summit area, and Copper is just one of the many places that the guides frequent.  This trip was to one of the peaks adjacent to Copper, which holds many secret stashes.